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Frequently Asked Questions 

Floral Consultation:

We love to start off each new client relationship with a personal wedding floral consultation. Consultations take place at our Sherwood Design Studio office.  Our office is a place to meet with clients and to display some of the creative items that we love to work with. We are only available for wedding floral consultations by appointment. The Design studio in a large industrial space, allowing us to make big fabulous messes while designing for our clients. 


Consultations generally last between one and two hours depending on the amount of florals and décor you would like to discuss. We use this time to learn as much as we can about your vision for your wedding, your personal style and to share with you about Bella Bloom Florals.


We suggest you book your floral consultation as soon as possible. We book weddings on a “first come” basis and book full during the peak wedding months. You are welcome to book with us as early as twelve months prior to your wedding date.


Your Floral Proposal:

After your floral consultation with us we will put together a floral proposal; detailing what we would like to design for your wedding, a detailed pricing sheet, a small page of images; to give you a visual idea of the direction we’d like to take your florals and décor and a floral contract.  Once we have these items complete we will email them to you for you to review. You should receive your floral proposal from us approximately two weeks after your floral consultation.

Mock up or Sample Designs: 

You are welcome to order a sample design of most any of the designs for your wedding. The charge for each sample will be the same cost as described in your floral proposal. Depending on the seasonality of your proposed wedding blooms some blooms may not be available for your floral mock up. 



Once you’ve taken the time to review your floral proposal and you’ve decided to move forward with Bella Bloom Florals as your wedding florist we ask that you provide us with a $400 initial booking payment and e-signed a copy of your floral contract. We take a limited number of wedding clients each year and book clients on a “first come” basis. We are not able to hold dates for clients without a booking payment and signed floral contract. 

Final Meetings:

We ask that each of our full-service wedding clients have a final meeting with us 4-6 weeks prior to their wedding date. During this final meeting, we will review the florals for your wedding and confirm the timeline for the day of your wedding. The final meeting can take place in our Sherwood studio or if you prefer we can finalize your florals over the phone.



On average Bella Bloom Clients spend between $3000 and $10,000 on their wedding florals and décor. We have some client choose to book only “personal” flowers with us and will spend less than $500 and other clients will choose to book full-service florals and styling will spend $6000 or more.

At this time we are cannot guarantee pricing on quotes prior to 6 months before your wedding or event date. Postponements and wedding date changes can effect your floral pricing. 


We'd really love to meet with you before we create a floral proposal (floral quote) for your wedding, as we find it hard to quote exact pricing information without first knowing many of details of your wedding or event. We customize our designs to your event and the budget you would like to work within. Below is a list average pricing. Season, type of flower, the complexity of design and quantity may all affect the cost of your wedding floral. 


Average Pricing Guide:

Bridal Bouquets: $175 - $300 

Bridesmaid Bouquets: $75 - $150 

Boutonnieres: $18 - $20 

Corsages: $35 - $40 

Altar designs: $500 - $1000 

Table Centers Candles: $40 - $75 

Table Centers Low: $50 - $200 

Table Centers Tall: $150 - $500 



  • Elopements & Micro Weddings | Investment $250 - under $500 

Just need a few key floral pieces for your elopement or Micro wedding? We make it super easy by offer these items on our online store and still 100% customizable. Here is a link to learn more about our elopement and micro wedding package 

  • Personals only | Investment (on average) under $1000 

Let us design florals for the special people involved in your wedding. This is perfect for the DIY bride and groom who want to be very involved in creating the décor for their wedding but want a wedding florist to do the bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages.


  • Florals & Décor: Full Service | Minimum order of $3000 or more required

Many of our clients choose to have Bella Bloom provide the personal flowers, ceremony and reception floral and décor. You can relax and enjoy your day while we do the “heavy lifting” at your wedding. We will not only provide the flowers but also décor items accompany the florals and a staff to lay it all out and clean it all up at the end of the night.


  • Styling:

Let our team of designers create unique floral and décor vignettes for the high priority spaces of your wedding (Welcome table, dessert table, head table) or work with us as a stylist to creating the look you are after for your complete wedding day.


  • Rentals:

We have a selection of décor items that we rent to our full-service Bella Bloom Floral clients. We love having these items to help bring a décor vision to life. Our collection includes but is not limited to multiple arbors, Large vases, pedestals, candles, footed compotes, ceremony structures, vintage and primitive décor items, lanterns and ceremony draping.


  • Design Workshops:

We are happy to work hand in hand with our DIY clients. We would love to do all of your wedding florals for you but we understand for multiple reasons that it might not be right for your wedding. If you would rather roll up your sleeves and do some of the floral work on your own we’re here to support you. We offer one on one design workshops to help you learn to create your own florals. The cost is $75 per hour plus the price of the product. During these workshops, we will demonstrate how to do the design you desire to do on your own, let you design the piece, give you helpful information on sourcing product, processing your flowers and transporting your creations.


  • Event Floral (non-wedding): 

We are happy to do florals and décor for any event that is special to you. We love holiday parties, baby showers, bridal showers and celebrations of life. The minimum custom order for these services is $300 or no minimum is required to order from our online store. 


Delivery/”Flip”/Pick up:

We offer delivery and set up services to all full-service wedding floral clients. During peak wedding season there is $3000 minimum required for this service.  Floral orders can also be scheduled for pick up at our Sherwood office.

Delivery - $100 and up


We often design florals that will work great for your ceremony and then used again for your reception. By “flipping” or transitioning your florals you can maximize your floral budget.  Full-service wedding floral clients can choose to add this service to their floral contract.

Flip - $200 and up


When you need us to we will return to your venue at the end of your event to retrieve any containers or décor items you rented from us and help you load the florals you are taking home into your vehicle.  If you choose to donate all or some of your flowers we can also retrieve those florals and donate them the next day to a care home in your name. If you are wishing to donate your florals at the end of your wedding we ask that you arrange this complementary service with us in advance.

Pick up - $200 and up


Who will deliver my flowers?

All full-service wedding floral orders are delivered by a lead designer and in most cases one to two delivery assistants.



We accept several forms of payments including, check, cash, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Your initial booking payment of $400 is due at the time of booking. Your final payment can be made at your final meeting or three weeks prior to your wedding date.


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